2015 ICU Festival : UNESCO x Cafe

Hey! This is Layla, a 18 Septen!!    

     This past weekend, we had ICU's culture festival! Which means that we also had our annual UNESCO booth! This year we had UNESCO x Cafe. We sold different types of tea from all over the world and an assortment of cookies. Our Cafe was also located at one of the best places in Honkan; the room was right in front of the main social area on the second floor and had a beautiful overview of the ICU Festival and its main stage. (*winkwink* You can watch Smooth Steppers from our Cafe while drinking some mint tea ^o^!) 


Anyways, the types of tea we sold were: 



     The teas tasted delicious! Each tea had its own distinct taste and felt different from the usual, everyday tea. So I felt like we were able to present to everyone a unique experience!


  Also, we met a lot of new people! From high schoolers interested in ICU and its UNESCO club, to adults who organize charities for the less fortunate in other countries. Many gave us their input on our club's main theme: "How do we bring about peace?". We had people write their opinions and have their photograph taken so we can add them to out Sketchbook of Peace Project! ^__^ More photos are available here!: https://www.facebook.com/icu.unesco/posts/881977285221377


Please check them out! :)


This year was a success! It was a lot of fun organizing and sponsoring this event! I hope all of you guys also enjoyed the event. :')


 Can't wait for next year's ICU Festival! See you guys soon! :>