"since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed"

-UNESCO constitution


The quote above is from the constitution of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

We, ICU UNESCO CLUB, agree to this ideal and study about international issues such as education, development, environment, and so on.


ICU UNESCO CLUB was established by the members who has attended on study tour conducted by Prof. Akihiro Chiba in 1993.


Our Activities


We gather every friday and study about global issues.

Our study session is voluntary and creative learning.

In detail, we make a presentation about certain topic and discuss about the matter related to the presentation.

Our study session is based on our interests, so every presentations are very creative and characteristic.

It is possible to think about the topic from various perspectives through discussions.


*Topics that we studied in 2011

-relationship between UNESCO and peace operation

-what has changed by earthquake (3.11) from the viewpoint of education, psychological care, environment, and media

-child soldier in Rwanda

-unequal society in China, problem of divorcement

-child thieving in Italy

-basic information about Indonesia



Adding to study sessions, we plan out some projects which are related to peace operation.

As an illustration, the slideshow on the right side is the project called "peace sketchbook (white board) ".

We ask people that we encounter to write the answer of the question, "what is needed to construct peace?" and take a picture.


We would like to introduce some projects that have done in 2011.


*Bake sale

We sold hand-maid cookies/snacks in the campus.

All the profits are used in order to send the stationary and books to affected area by 3.11.


*Visiting schools

We visited middle school and high school to gave lectures concerning peace operation.

In middle school, we gave a lecture about what is happening in the world and held the discussion and workshop.

In high school, we conducted the report about study tour in Nepal and held the discussion.


*The Screening of "All the Invisible Children"

We watched the movie called "All the Invisible Children" and held the discussion.



There is something that we cannot learn from books or pictures.

We go to foreign countries in spring in order to experience and feel what is/was happening there.

Specifically, we visit NGOs and plan out some projects during the study tour.

In 2011, we went to Nepal and learned about street children, environmental issues and so on.

In the summer, we went to Okinawa and learn about the issue of base and peace.

Our study tour is planned by members and we make a contact to NGOs by ourselves.

The study tour is set as the main activity of ICU UNESCO CLUB and we have experienced something which is difficult to experience in "sightseeing tour".



Contact Us


Mail: icunesco@gmail.com


Our clubroom is located at DMH-371 in International Christian University.

Drop in anytime :)